Move over vampires, werewolves, and zombies — here come the Jinn! Author Stephen Guth unleashes his latest book, The Jinn, on unwary American audiences. “America’s horror favorites better watch their backs,” Guth warns. “There’s something ancient at the top of the horror food chain — the Jinn. They’re horrific beyond imagine, they’re powerful, and they’re pissed that they’ve been ignored for so long.”

The Jinn, a horror thriller, is the story of three American girls fresh out of college who join the Peace Corps and travel together to Morocco. While living with their host family in the ancient border city of Oujda — known as the City of Fear for its bloody past — the girls become ensnared in the supernatural world of the Jinn. These most feared demons of Islam, the Jinn, existed before man and live on earth in a world parallel and normally unseen to mankind. As the girls encounter the terror of the Jinn and each face their fiery destinies, one girl is aided by an unexpected ally to fight the Jinn and their master, Sakhr. Her search to defeat the Jinn leads to the crypts of saints in the oasis of Sidi Yahia and the haunted catacombs of the Beni-Snassen mountains.

Much of the story exists in reality or in legend. “In many ways,” Guth says, “The Jinn is a story that was just waiting to be discovered and told. I was merely a scrivener, creating the characters and linking them to an amazing set of religious beliefs, historical facts, and exotic locales.”

Guth explains his motivation for writing The Jinn, “I’m a huge horror fan, but, frankly, I was getting tired of the same old rehashed stories. American audiences deserve something better. Why not introduce them to the horrors of the Jinn, which roughly half of the world’s population already believes in?”

This latest book by Stephen Guth is available in print at Lulu and for the Kindle on

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