The Ghost Way is the true story of the Ramanakajja family and the land beyond the jungle as told by Kung Ramanakajja and written by Lance Smith.

Description: The Ghost Way is the true story of the Ramanakajja family in Southern Thailand during the mid 1970’s. Kung Ramanakajja’s family was driven out of their home on many nights by evil entities. The Ramanakajjas were then forced to walk through the dark, eerie jungle with only small candles lighting the path to their grandfather’s house. This was just the beginning of an intense battle with supernatural villains that inhabit the land to this day.

The Ghost Way is told by the people who suffered the most during this horrendous period, Kung’s parents, Eot and Jak Ramanakajja. Eot will mesmerized you with the vast array of mortals and spirits that passed in and out of the lives of the family during their years on The Ghost Way. It’s difficult to recall any ghost story or film that can rival the Ramanakajja family’s troubled past in terms of plot intricacies, the cast of characters involved from this world and the other one, and in the sheer terror and mayhem directed at the parents and children. The family was most fortunate to survive the ordeal.

At the heart of this colossal struggle and journey from darkness is a young impoverished family of farmers’ escape from a great malevolence to an eventual re-emergence into the light. The story’s culmination involves not only Kung’s family and the property’s next and final owners, but, most stunningly, reveals the triumph of a prehistoric and depraved evil over this land.

You can read sample chapters here: The Ghost Way

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