As we’ve previously reported, Lonely Road Books will be publishing a deluxe special edition of The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Edition by William Peter Blatty.

This special volume will feature full-color artwork by Caniglia and will be limited to just 374 copies of the signed Limited Edition and 26 copies of the signed Lettered Edition, making it an extremely collectible edition of this classic title!

For the special 40th Anniversary Edition of The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty has returned to the manuscript, reworking portions of the book that never satisfied him. Due to financial constraints and a pressing workload at the time, he was forced to forego a desired revision.

“For most of these past forty years I have rued not having done a thorough second draft and careful polish of the dialogue and prose,” Blatty says.

“But now, like an answer to a prayer, this fortieth anniversary edition has given me not only the opportunity to do that second draft, but to do it at a time in my life ‹ I am 83 ‹ when it might not be totally unreasonable to hope that my abilities, such as they are, have at least somewhat improved, and for all of this I say, Deo gratias!”

Read more about this deluxe special edition here: The Exorcist 40th Anniversary

Orders may be placed here: The Exorcist: The 40th Anniversary Revised Edition

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