Damnation Books has announced the release of The Calling by Kathryn Meyer Griffith. The novel is available in a digital edition for $6.95 at the Damnation Books website.

“Kathryn Meyer Griffith a wife of 32 years (husband, Russell), mother (one son, James) and grandmother (two grandchildren, Caitlyn and Joshua). She was a graphic designer in the corporate world for over 20 years but has been a writer for over 39 years. She’s published fourteen novels and seven short stories since 1984. And by April 2012 all of her older out-of-print Leisure and Zebra paperbacks will be re-released again by Damnation Books and Eternal Press in revised and updated paperbacks (with new covers) and in e-books for the first time. She considers herself a horror writer but has also written paranormal romances, time travel and murder mysteries. She loves chocolate, cats and nature, classic rock and country music (her brother is a singer/songwriter and does the songs for all her self-made book trailers that are on her websites).

Her published books: Evil Stalks the Night (supernatural horror) 1984; The Heart of the Rose 1985; Blood Forge 1989; Vampire Blood 1991; The Last Vampire 1992; Witches 1993 & Pinnacle 2000; a novella called The Nameless One in Dark Seductions, an erotic horror anthology 1993; The Calling (supernatural horror) 1994. All of these are being reprinted as new paperbacks and e-books (for the first time ever) between now and April 2012 by Damnation Books and Eternal Press.

Damnation Books is dedicated to bringing their readers darn good fiction at a darn good price.

The Last Vampire has been nominated and is an Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, EPIC, Finalist for the 2012 eBook Awards.

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