Northern Frights Publishing has released Vince Churchill’s The Blackest Heart, a space western hybrid tale, in paperback.

Description: Death

Descending from deep space like locusts, Yardon Wrath and his murderous band of mutants, the Plague, terrorize an isolated colony. Legendary lawman Thane Bishop is brutally beaten to death in front of his family by the inhuman psychopath he helped create. But the macabre half-man, half-machine’s sinister plans call for much more than murder.

Much more…


Offered an unholy alliance with an entity from an alternate existence, Thane Bishop rises from the grave, his lust for revenge matched only by his adversary’s own twisted plans for retribution.


All that’s left for two men more dead than alive.

The Blackest Heart

Death is just the beginning.

You can order the book and read the first three sample chapters for free here: The Blackest Heart

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