Movie producers were at it again in 2018 as they brought to us some blockbusters. Among these blockbusters are some horror titles. Below, we share with you some of the best horror movies that were released this. You will have to pay a small subscription fee to watch most of these movies but worry not as you can simply raise the requisite funds if you play profitable games at

The Boat

The Boat is a terrifically tense, thrilling and suspense movie. In this movie, a man finds himself alone on a deserted boat. However, while there are no other human beings in sight, there are actually some unrestful human spirits roaming around the boat that he is in. not knowing why these spirits are haunting the boat, the lonely man has to find a way of escaping unhurt but the task is not that easy as the whole sea is engulfed by a frightening mist.


Hereditary is a supernatural film. A family lives happily but soon things turn for the worst. After the matriarch dies, some strange things start to happen. In a quest to find out what may be the cause, the family unravels a dark secret which changes their lives forever. However, irrespective of what’s happening, the family takes a decision to keep staying at their home and to fight the supernatural powers with all they have. The task is not easy and along the way, they lose some precious things. The family’s determination to fight the supernatural powers however reign supreme at the end of the day.


Revenge is a French film that takes the rape/revenge theme to a whole new dimension. The protagonist is Jen, an American socialite who is involved in an affair with a married man, Richard. The two lovebirds plan to go on a trip to France where Richard owns a piece of land. However, their perfect getaway is not at all perfect as Jen is raped by one of Richard’s friends. Split between siding with his girlfriend or his friends, Richard chooses his friends. Richard with his friends sought to make Jen forget about the incident but when she refuses, they go on a speed chase. Jen ends up at the bottom of the cliff (with a little help from Richard). Seeing her body hung on a tree branch, the three friends are convinced that Jen is dead but alas, she is very much alive. In her mind, Jen only has one mission and that is to seek revenge.


After spending much of their time together, a brother and his sister are made to go their separate ways in their search for the meaning of life. However, the brother starts to reminisce about the good old times and decides to track down her sister. Without much trouble, he soon finds where his sister is. However, she is no longer the same lovely and cute person she used to know. Her sister is now a part of a ritualistic cult.

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