Gauntlet Press has announced that Richard Matherson’s Other Kingdoms is within a few weeks of shipping. Those purchasing the lettered edition will receive a special bonus item that will not be listed on the website and will be available for only two weeks. Gauntlet will be including a copy or an original page from either Unrealized Dreams or Night Killers. Both are signed by Matheson and, because they were signed 5-10 years ago (before Matheson experienced his wrist problems), these are among the best of his signatures. And, as Matheson will only be signing tipsheets for lettered editions in the future these are highly collectible. Night Killers is also signed by William F. Nolan.

Description: In 1918 a young American soldier wounded in World War I comes to Gatford to escape his troubled past. The pastoral English village seems the perfect spot to heal his wounded body and soul. The neighboring woods are said to be haunted by capricious, even malevolent spirits, but Alex White considers these old wives’ tales.

Or are they?

A frightening encounter in the forest leads Alex into the arms of Magda, an alluring red-haired widow rumored to be a witch. She warns Alex to steer clear of the wood and the perilous faerie kingdom it borders, but Alex cannot help himself. Drawn to the woods he finds love, danger and wonders that will forever change him. And, he will face the wrath of Magda for not heeding her advice.

You can order directly from Gauntlet here: Other Kingdoms

In other Matheson news, Gauntlet has signed a contract to be the exclusive publisher of Generations, Richard Matheson’s new autobiographical novel, which will see release this coming Spring. They’ll be publishing a hardcover mass market edition and a 52-copy signed lettered edition of the novel.

In his introduction to the novel, which he recently completed, Matheson concludes the book deals with “events described never took place – though I believe they could have and should have. Such is the tragedy of my family.” As the novel is autobiographical you’ll learn a lot about Matheson’s family, which definitely impacted on his writing. Gauntlet will begin taking orders January 1.

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