The latest dark fantasy novel by horror author Gabrielle Faust is slated for release on November 25th from Black Bed Sheet Books. Along with co-author Solomon Schneider, Faust has crafted a mind-bending journey, entitled Revenge, through mythological and theological planes of existence.

Description: When Marcus found himself assuming the title of the Demon of Regret, he thought he had possibly been given a second chance. However, when he realized Belial, the Prince of Wickedness, had set his sites on Marcus’ ex-girlfriend Brenda for his mortal consort, his newfound sense of existence was quickly shattered in a fit of all too human rage. Incensed by the newly reborn demon’s disrespectful hostility, Belial would have enjoyed nothing more than to destroy Marcus and hurl his soul back to Hell. The Devil has a greater plan for Marcus, though.

In the echoing dismal planes of Purgatory a strange powerful uprising is beginning to form. Revolutionary entities gather together to form a new plane of existence, one that breaks the ancient cast system of Heaven, Hell and Earth, thwarting both God and the Devil’s permanency within the universe. These brash metaphysical pirates have kidnapped the child born of Brenda and Belial’s union to raise her within the new realm they are forming for the strange powers she possesses. They have also sensed the potential within Marcus, but are their promises of freedom truths or lies?

Caught in the storm of a war eons in the making Marcus will have to choose a side and ultimately a plane of existence to save, that is, if he can find one he truly believes in.

Readers can download a sample chapter (PDF) here: Revenge

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