La Santa Muerte Lenormand
by Dan M Pelletier, with illustrations by Callie L French
Published by REDFeather (subsidiary of Schiffer Publishing), Published 22nd Sept 2022
US $ 24.99 : UK £22.99
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

The ‘Lady of Holy Death’ oracle cards have a novelty magnetic closure box with eye cut-aways revealing the heads and shoulders of the dancing male and female significator skeletons of this deck. The pack contains a full colour guidebook and 36 illustrated cards without borders. They are the traditional Lenormand card size (18cm x 23cm). Motifs are skeletons, skulls, scythes, the hour-glass, scales, tombs and graves, all to do with death and dying, plus flowers, bright colours, beautiful gowns, and all that delights and creates fun by dancing and laughing at times of grief and sadness.

The titles are in International Spanish with an English translation – which adds to their authenticity. You will be given information on the history of the Lenormand cards from their use in the French court of 1700s, and how to read them for oracles, – and this explanation of how to read cards is the best I have read in a long while! I love the joyful box, the card artwork, and the excellent guidebook!

Spreads and layouts are a one or two card reading, a three to five card reading, and a Grand Tableau. We are also provided with a glossary to explain words used, the importance of colour in this deck, and information on symbols, suits and clusters, such as the Danger, Love and Career clusters, and the Circle of Trust.

Ideal for Halloween parties! Enjoy!

Great art and super info! Recommended.

Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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