Cemetery Dance Publications has announced On Dangerous Ground: Stories of Western Noir edited by Ed Gorman, Dave Zeltserman, and Martin H. Greenberg, which they’ll be publishing this spring as an affordable, clothbound trade hardcover and also as a deluxe traycased Lettered Edition signed by many of the contributors.

Description: With such films as Blood On The Moon, Winchester `73, and The Naked Spur, audiences saw characters very much like themselves emotionally. Critics argued the authenticity of some of the history in these films but there was no denying their power. Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch confirmed, once and for all, that the western had changed forever, psychologically and sometimes politically relevant to our own times.

On Dangerous Ground features stories of every kind, all with a western setting, all with darkness at their core. And all with the kind of edge that demonstrates how timeless the form is when used well.

Table of Contents:

  • “Introduction” by James Sallis
  • “Hell” by Bentley Little
  • “All Good Men” by Terry Tanner
  • “Burl Lockhart’s in Town” by Steve Hockensmith
  • “Canticle” by Desmond Barry
  • “Colt” by Ken Bruen
  • “Piano Man” by Bill Crider
  • “Desert Reckoning” by Trey R. Barker
  • “Lucky” by Harry Shannon
  • “Going Where the Wind Blows” by Jan Christensen
  • “The Old Ways” by Ed Gorman
  • “In Some Countries” by Jerry Raine
  • “The Cartoonist” by Jon L. Breen
  • “Durston” by Norman Partridge
  • “Emma Sue” by Dave Zeltserman
  • “Hell Hath No Fury” by T. L. Wolf
  • “Vanity” by Jeremiah Healy
  • “Cowards Die Many Times” by Robert J. Randisi
  • “Lead Poisoning” by Gary Lovisi
  • “The Conversion of Carne Muerto” by James Reasoner
  • “Last Song of Antietam” by Patrick J. Lambe
  • “Through the Golden Gate Bridge” by Terence Butler

You can read more and/or order here: On Dangerous Ground

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