Author Kristian Hanson has announced the release of The Fat Kid’s Wolfy Revenge, Not for the Weak Hearted or Mature Minded. Hanson takes his readers on a barbaric romp through the butchering of high school bad boys and bimbos as Joe Winnie blogs the trail of the lycanthropic beast in a tale that is hardly a little sister’s pat romantic horror story or, in fact, any kind of tale at all for the squeamish.

Hanson paints an amusingly convincing background of those four high school years of popularity contests that seemed to go on forever as he focuses in on Joe Winnie’s life as a teenage loser. Joe has no date for the prom, no car that’s even a one watt chick magnet, no money and no friend that isn’t an even bigger loser than he himself.

Then Joe comes face to face with a werewolf. His life changes forever.

The Fat Kid’s Wolfy Revenge answers a question seldom addressed in werewolf literature: “Why is it every time a person changes into a werewolf, he doesn’t remember who he is?” In Hanson’s story, when a person changes into the beast, he doesn’t lose who he is, and that innovative twist to this genre creates an adventure all in itself.

Hanson’s dark humor and gory scenes are made pleasingly palatable by his humorous approach to the life of today’s suburban teen, hopelessly addicted to horror movies, video games and post-pubescent sex fantasies. The hero’s plight as the quintessential high school loser also touches a chord with anyone who has survived those sometimes socially brutal years and will put a sly smile of satisfying revenge on a reader’s face as Joe catapults himself into a fellow with a wildly popular blog, a rich girlfriend, a date for the prom and a master plan to keep everything in his life going along exactly in that same way.

The Fat Kid’s Wolfy Revenge by Kristian Hanson is published by Outskirts Press in paperback, with a suggested retail price of $14.95

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