The Australian Horror Writers Association’s magazine (AHWA) Midnight Echo has officially unearthed its new home on the World Wide Web as details emerge on future issues.

The new website (Midnight Echo) is the one-stop-shop for all things Midnight Echo and features latest news, reviews of past issues, editor interviews, subscription options and of course submission guidelines.

The AHWA has also appointed horror author and editor Marty Young as the ME’s new executive editor and Marty has leapt straight into the role by setting up the website and starting a subscription drive for the magazine.

Marty said, “We’ve had five great issues thus far but we felt it was time to relaunch the magazine with its own website and its own identity. Midnight Echo remains the AHWA’s official magazine and riding on the success of the AHWA, we’ve been able to double our payment rates. This is only the beginning; we have lofty goals of getting those rates to 5c/word. For now though, across the month of October, we’re holding a huge subscription drive with some great prizes to give away.”

These announcements come as production on issue 6 of the ME – a science-fiction horror special – gain momentum.

Issue 6, edited by David Conyers, David Kernot and Jason Fischer, features stories from authors including Cody Goodfellow, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Joanne Anderton, Alan Baxter and Andrew J McKiernan.

The issue also features interviews with Hugo Award winning science fiction author Charles Stross and SF Masterworks Series illustrator, Chris Moore.

“Editing is complete and we are in production,” said David Conyers. “Kym Walley is laying out the manuscript currently and it looks great. We have great corner art provided by talented Seattle artist David Lee Ingersoll reminiscent of the Alien movies. I also believe I can speak for the entire Midnight Echo crew when I say the cover art by Interzone artist Paul Drummond is outstanding. We couldn’t have hoped for a better illustration.”

David said the issue was on track for a November 2011 release.

But plans are already underway for issue 7, with Daniel I Russell being announced as the issue’s guest editor. The theme of issue 7 will look at “taboos,” with Daniel revealing he will seek stories centred on “hidden desires.”

“Be it sexual fetishes, dreams of violence, the sites you delete from your history, drug cravings and that … thing you like to do when you’re all alone. We want the things you can’t discuss in polite conversation, the guilty, twisted needs that eat away at you,” Daniel said.

Midnight Echo is looking for tales of the dark psyche and the yearnings that fuel it. Rather than looking for fiction that simply shocks and sickens, we want stories that are extreme in nature, yet disturbing and slight in their delivery. Make our readers dread turning the next page. Supernatural stories are welcome, but will need to be more than standard vampire, werewolf, zombie stock.”

Submission guidelines can be found on the new website.

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