We are proud to announce THE STEPHEN KING COLLECTION as our newest limited edition box set release. In this special set, we focus on a fearful foursome of Stephen King movies composed by four very capable composers: two feature films and two television miniseries, each featuring very different but very potent scores. To add to the uniqueness of this box set we expanded the scores to James Newton Howard’s DREAMCATCHER and W.G. ‘Snuffy’ Walden’s THE STAND into 2-disc Deluxe Editions. Nicholas Pike’s THE SHINING is making its official commercial debut here in full glory: A three-CD set with music separated by each night of the special event series. Tangerine Dream’s FIRESTARTER is being reissued for the first time in almost 15 years.

All this great music is housed in a box designed to pay tribute to Stephen King paperbacks with a 24-page bound booklet and each disc secured in individual pockets.  As an extra level of protection during shipping, we have added a piece of foam on top of each panel so that all discs remain in their respected pockets.  The foam provides friction and capacity to keep discs in place during shipping.  Featuring liner notes by writer Randall D. Larson and original art by Shawn Conn this is a must own collection for horror fans and film score collectors. This box set is limited to 1,500 units.

You can snag it right here!

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