Just like many of his books, the recent biography comic book highlighting the life and career of author Stephen King is a sellout within the first week of its release and is heading for a second printing.

Bluewater Productions’ Orbit: Stephen King, a title in which the best-selling author himself participated, will be repackaged with a new cover by Joe Phillips, new added extras and distributed in graphic novel format.

According to Bluewater president Darren G. Davis, the original issue is still available for purchase at many comic book shops and Barnes & Noble bookstores. The new printing will be in stores in November.

“Because of King’s participation with authors Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy, this issue can be pointed to as the definitive short-format biography of a man who has spent his life terrifying a generation of his dedicated fans,” Davis added. “He found a way to strike a chord that make the everyday seem eerie and the scary downright evil.”

Orbit: Stephen King follows King’s career from a struggling writer to prolific best-selling master of horror. It includes insight on his legacy as a writer, his love of the Boston Red Sox, forays into film, drug and alcohol issues, and the accident that nearly cost him his life.

According to Bluewater, King’s camp participated in recounting his incomparable career in a rare “behind-the scenes” glimpse into the authors private world.

Co-author Michael Lent offers one such example: “One story we confirmed concerned a young King witnessing a friend’s accident involving a train (long thought to be a source of his macabre inspirations). Until now, the story was largely apocryphal and wasn’t mentioned in King’s autobiography. It’s a great feeling when you can resolve something once and for all.”

In writing about his near-death in 1999, the authors used King’s own account along with police reports that differed from accounts given by some of the media, according to Lent.

The new printing, penciled by Kent Hurlburt retails for $7.99 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.com

Orbit was launched in April 2011 with a focused skew towards a more male demographic. “When we weighed the possibilities of featuring personalities like King, Howard Stern, LeBron James, Gary Gygax and JRR Tolkien into our existing titles,” says Davis, “the tone and tenor didn’t match. Their enduring popularity and contributions to popular culture are worthy of coverage, but they needed a different voice in which to present the material. Orbit fits that bill.”

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