There’s potentially a third Collector film all the time. Every now and then it gets floated. We know the story that we would like to tell. Everybody’s game to come back and do it. At this point it’s just getting the right budget to deliver. That’s the other thing our experience has taught us. “Yeah. We’ve had a chance to make a Collector movie for a modest amount,” but in our heart of hearts we know that the movie wouldn’t have a chance to live up to where it should or ideally be the stimulus that it should. The Neighbor brought us all together and put us in the trenches again, working, working, working, and the result is the best collaboration we’ve had yet. It’s re-sparked and intensified the fire to want to give that one a proper last knock-down, drag-out, burn-it-all finale that could really honor all the effort and really also be a wonderful hug to the serendipity of all these friends coming together to try to give some people in the world a good scare.

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