Written/Directed by Tyler Savage
Produced by J. P. Castel
Cinematography: Drew Daniels
Starring Chase Joliet, Sara Montez, and Dale Dickey
Reviewed by Alyssa Hunt

There are movies that move fast and get right in your face, then there are those that are mild, subtle, and creep into your territorial bubble and mystify you to bursting. That’s what happened with Inheritance, an independent movie that just released June 2nd. It’s a haunting tale that angers and befuddles you with understanding… yet no understanding at all.

So I guess it’s true when they say, Insanity runs in the family. This movie took the main character, Ryan, into the unknown and broke him in all sorts of ways. Honestly, I don’t know if I understood them well, but I liked it.

The story was about continuing a cycle… or breaking it. Letting go of the past, even if you don’t know it exists, or repeating it. Ryan, who was adopted, has inherited a vicious cycle created by his bloodline. It’s a cruel tradition that goes against all he’s been raised to do and believe, yet something about the home calls to him. Changes him and possibly inducts him into an evil no one expects.

Through fabulous cinematography by Drew Daniels, you succumb to madness in the most schizophrenically romantic of ways. Though slow to move once Ryan reaches his family’s legacy, as the viewer, you’re carried through flashes of acts taken place hundreds of hears ago, that provide backstory. You learn of the history and the insanity, then thrusted into a vertigo of psychopathy. That’s the best way to describe it!

I’m happy I screened the movie. The acting was great; you can tell the cast was seasoned and it just flowed like that view from the garden of the movie’s estate. The view was breath taking! And though there was no verbal explanation to the meaning behind the story, you can assume the condition of the tradition. The home movie attested the fact; I just wish I could have seen it happen.

I was left pondering the figurine. Where’d it come from and how did it begin the cycle. A curse? Revenge? I will never know, but that’s okay. Inheritance was good! I think you’ll enjoy it too.

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