I Know You’re In There
Directed by Robert Lawson Gordon
Produced by Robert Lawson Gordon and Will Hurst
Stars Mindee de Lacey, Will Hurst, and Karin Lee
Released October 25, 2016
Reviewed by Alyssa Hunt

I Know You’re In There is a movie that tries its best, but falls short. Set high on a beautiful mountain range, this 2016 release takes you on a colorless expedition into absurdity.

The story tells of Tom Redding. Discovering the mother who’d abandoned him has committed suicide, he’s dealt a double blow with finding out he has inherited her home. Oh, he also has a little sister he’s never known about, who’s in a catatonic schizophrenic state. And just like that, the emotionless Tom takes on the responsibility and the story begins.

I Know You’re In There isn’t the worst movie I’ve seen, but it definitely isn’t good. Without giving away any SPOILERS, because I don’t do that, the movie is about a man’s descent into madness, but it happens so suddenly, you’re given neither rhyme nor reason as to why… other than possibly the sister. What’s so mysterious about her, other than her vacant stare into nothingness?

Tom is immediately introduced as hard-headed and sort of a douche, for lack of a better word. The movie gives nothing to like about him, making his desire to care for someone he knew nothing about a few minutes ago, unlikable. Then for him to move into an old house to film her, in the middle of nowhere… doesn’t seem quite right to me. There really was no purpose, so the strange occurrences and haunts left me hopeless. I need reasoning behind my scares, of which, there are none from this movie.

Filled with mountainous views, whispers in the dark, foolish actions, and mediocre acting, IKYIT does its best to built intensity; it just doesn’t work. By the time you figure out why everything’s happening, you just don’t care.

I Know You’re In There released October 25, 2016.

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