Following a successful film festival run, Soul To Keep will be released across all digital rental and download platforms, on DVD and BluRay, and On-Demand everywhere. The scary and surprising indie film starring deaf actress Sandra Mae Frank in a stellar ensemble cast is available in the U.S. on April 2nd, 2019, with closed-captioning (CC) where available for the hearing impaired.

In this taut and unsettling horror/thriller, Beelzebub, an ancient demon hell-bent on consuming and possessing souls, preys on Millennials at a rundown country house. With an agenda that spans thousands of years to bring Hell to Earth, this Prince of Darkness has finally arrived.

The film co-directed by David Allensworth and Monière has won the Best Female Actress award at the Other Worlds Austin for deaf rising star Sandra Mae Frank’s portrayal of Tara. Soul To Keep was also nominated for Best Picture at the HorrorHound Film Festival, which coincides with the largest horror convention in America.

Besides being a high concept demon possession tale with stout performances and surprise twists, Soul To Keep’s core appeal is the Deaf aspect organically incorporated within the storyline. It’s not so much that the lead character in the film is deaf, it’s the fact that the hearing characters use sign language to communicate with her. By doing so, with authenticity and a natural flow, it shows how a social group of both hearing and deaf can exist as one while, at the same time, adding tension to the unfolding story.

“The Deaf Community has opened their expressive arms wide to receive this film. We have witnessed standing ovations, lines to talk with us filmmakers after events just to shake our hands,” says director David Allensworth. “The Deaf Community deserves a fair shake at inclusion in projects that aren’t about Deaf Persons. They are very much an important and engaged community that is just like any other group of people. No pun intended, this message was loud and clear to all our audiences and we are passionate about now making the film available to the masses,” he adds.

Set against the chilling countryside of upstate New York, Soul To Keep showcases an ensemble Millennial cast composed of eight up-and-coming actors: Sandra Mae Frank (Tara), Aurora Heimbach (Erin), Kate Rose Reynolds (Grace), Tony Spitz (Josh), Craig Fogel (Freddy), Jordan Theodore (Brandon), Derek Long (Toby), and Jessie Jordan (Kimberly).

Called “bloody, disturbing,” beautifully crafted” and a slick, atmospheric pictureby horror bloggers, Soul To Keep possesses an unexpected clever ending that will surprise the most demanding genre fans.


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