Rachel Martens is the latest author to try her hand at Horror in a Hundred.  I believe you’ll like this one.  If you want to learn more about Rachel, please visit her website at http://rachelmmartens.com/.

Thy Kingdom Come

by Rachel Martens

Gone.  He’s gone.  Never coming back.  I stare at his gravestone.  It can’t be real.  Can’t.  My stomach is bleeding, my heart missing.  I can’t feel it beat.  I don’t want it to.  I know it’s raining because the droplets stain the stone.  Like blood dripping over concrete.  Lightning crackles, flashes across his name in the dark.

Why didn’t God save him?  I beg Him for comfort, but with no conviction.

Thy kingdom come…thy will be done…

I raise my hands clasped in prayer to Heaven, my knuckles white.

A white flash.


The sick crunch of skull on stone.

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