John M. Dow, an author from Scotland, has just released his first novel on the Amazon Kindle Store. From Within is a story of gripping terror, unashamedly written in the style made popular by James Herbert and Dennis Wheatley.

Description: “They stopped, looking around, trying to pinpoint the source of their discomfort. The tension in the air suddenly snapped, released, and with a series of staccato bangs, every door down the length of the street swung open.

“From out of the houses and shops they came, shuffling, staggering, and swaying. Fly-by-wire humans, jerking along the street like meat marionettes, with mouths agape and eyes empty. In their suits and their dresses, overalls, smocks and pyjamas, the locals of Wakely marched to their own rhythm of decay to greet the visitors to their town.”

Three strangers find themselves drawn to Wakely, a small village in the Scottish Borders, where a centuries-old conflict between two warring Celtic deities is drawing to its gruesome conclusion.

A small boy holds the key to their survival, but first they have to find him. And they’re not the only ones looking.

Dow is currently working on his second book, a dark fantasy documenting a conflict between immortals. The events therein stretch from ancient Babylon to the modern day.

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