To celebrate the release of the trade paperback edition, Night Shade Books, in collaboration with SF Signal, is giving away free eBooks of Zendegi by Greg Egan

Description: Nasim Golestani, a young Iranian scientist, is in charge of the virtual world known as Zendegi, used by millions of people for entertainment and business. When Zendegi comes under threat from powerful competitors, Nasim draws on data from the Human Connectome Project, which maps the wiring of the human brain, to embark on a program to create more lifelike virtual characters and give the company an unbeatable edge.

As controversy grows over the nature and rights of these software characters, tragedy strikes journalist Martin Seymour’s family. Martin turns to Nasim, seeking a solution that no one else can offer… but Zendegi is about to become a battlefield.

To download your free eBook head over to: SF Signal

Zendegi is available in both hard cover and trade paperback from your favorite retailer.

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