Indie horror comic label Scary Tales Publishing has announced the highly anticipated release of their newest horror comic, LADY FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MUMMY’S BRAIN. Just in time for the spring comics conventions at both Long Beach Convention Center in California and Kansas City’s Bartle Hall in Missouri, this new 20-page comic book – Chapter One in a six-book limited series – is a definite departure from the publisher’s short-form, self-contained anthologies and kid-centric adventure fare. This saga for mature readers is a horror mash-up of the Frankenstein and Mummy legends, and features artwork from legendary international comic artist Manuel Martin.

Manuel has been part of the Scary Tales Publishing family from the start. A regular artist for both Fractured Scary Tales and Monster Smash-Ups, he has worked in comics for over 30 years. Published in Europe, his native Mexico, and here in the US, Manuel is a master of nuance, shadow, and atmosphere – the man can rock a comic image like few others.

Publisher Kevin M. Glover said: “After nurturing the premise for nearly a decade, I’m very proud of this comic. We’re turning the classics on their head in unexpected ways that I think readers are going to love. Besides the gender-bending aspect of a female doctor, there’s some great locations and intrigue from the Egyptian consortium who hire her. It’s a wild, globe-trotting ride, I can’t wait to share!”

Each issue of this newest title is a full-color comic book, and retails for just $5.00. Like all of Scary Tales Publishing’s titles, it can also be purchased online at:

Visit or for more information on the conventions!

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