Empire of Dirt
Directed by Adam Mason
Screenplay by Paul Sloan
Produced by Mike Hatton and Julia Sandberg Hansson
Starring Paul Sloan, Lillian Solange, and Mark Steger
Reviewed by Alyssa Hunt

When a movie is eight minutes long, there are high expectations. The opening scene has a man, Paul Sloan, dressed in a slick suit with a revolver in his hands. He’s shooting up what looks to be a brothel. The tightness of the hallway he travels, then the sudden appearance of a naked woman [“Y” stitch from shoulder to shoulder to the crotch area, whispering an unintelligible stream of words to him] tells you things are going to go very smoothly. It’s freaking creepy-good.

As you watch, you begin to understand something nightmarish is taking place. It carries a sort of Hellraiser feel, without the great intricacies of ghoul, pleasure and pain. There’s nothing special as far as cinematography is concerned, or music, but you automatically feel the ominous sense need and dread. It is truly a horror movie short worth watching.

I’ve got three words for Empire of Dirt: I liked it!. The movie releases in 2018.

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