Devil’s Domain
Written & Directed by Jared Cohn
Written by Kelly Erin Decker
Produced by Dylan Vox
Starring Michael Madsen, Madi Vodane, and Linda Bella
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

Devil’s Domain touches on some serious topics, offering a heavy feeling of dread, sadness, and darn near depression, which one normally doesn’t endure while viewing a horror movie. But the devil is a cunning one, knowing what to use and how to manipulate in just the right way.

Through a misunderstanding, Lisa has been ostracized. The world of teenaged cruelty runs deep, causing her to be tormented at every turn, as are others who are… different. But through a terrible action of an ex-friend, Lisa’s secrets are exposed to everyone and she’s left feeling empty and alone. She dives into a practice that allows her soul to call out to someone, something. And it offers revenge at an expensive cost.

Devil’s Domain is harsh and full of everything ugly, in the world of young adults. It was disheartening, as were the special effects. The story was multi-faceted, showing aspects many teens never deal with. Issues such as sexual identity, anorexia, bulimia; all leading to a devilish finale that didn’t quite fit the movie. Honestly, I usually don’t appreciate my horror being so bleak.

Full of surprising scenes and taunts that made my own skin crawl, Devil’s Domain is not your average horror. Be prepared for a excursion beyond even the most strangest of nightmares.

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