You win some, you lose some … but when it came to director Christian Jude Grillo, he won it back. When one of the bigger names dropped out of the cast of his currently lensing shocker Deer Crossing, he was able to refill the role quickly, with an equally experienced actor.

Just days before screen veteran Michael Madsen was due to arrive in Philadelphia to shoot his scenes for the Potent Media production last week, Grillo received word that the actor would not be able to make it.

Grillo had to terminate Madsen’s contract and immediately scramble to recast the role—and that convention offered up a perfect replacemnt to play a Philadelphia police captain in the film. Grillo has announced the signing of Ghostbusters’ Ernie Hudson to fill the part, and tells Fango, “I actually like the dynamic of Ernie alongside Deer Crossing star Christopher Mann. I think the idea of having two great African-American actors in the movie’s authorative roles breaks against the stereotype.” Hudson joins a cast that also includes Laura Lynn Cottrel, K.J. Linhein, Kevin Fennell, Doug Bradley, Tom Detrik, Jennifer Butler, Rob Dimension, Carmela Hayslett and Erika Lynn.

Grillo has much to celebrate these days; he has also just signed a distribution deal with the Hostile City company for his previous feature Booley. “Directing a movie, especially at the ultra-low-budget level, is difficult,” he says. “As a director, I wear a lot of hats on set; you have to be a seven-headed dragon to realize the big picture sometimes. I have a great crew with matching passion, though.”

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