Death Coming, the puzzle game that had players set up fatal accidents as Death’s apprentice, will not only be available for iOS users. NEXT Studio has announced that the game will also be coming to Android devices as well. However, this means the pixel puzzler’s release on Apple products will be changed to March.

Fitting for the game’s death-based premise, Death Coming opens with your untimely demise. After the Grim Reaper offers you a job as his assistant, it’s up to you to collect souls by any means necessary. Because you can’t directly interact with victims, you’ll need to use the various items in a level to cause accidents. From causing small accidents with flowerpots to unleashing the power of a dinosaur, the possibilities for Final Destination-esque mayham are numerous. With its open-ended design, cute pixel art and wacky humor, players will solve puzzles unseen on smartphones.

This comes after Death Coming was recently nominated for the 2018 SXSW Gamer’s Voice Award: an award dedicated to indie titles with grassroots origins and lower budgets. Current winners of the award include SUPERHOT, Gang Beasts, and Owlboy. The winner will be announced on March 17.

The puzzle game was originally released on Steam to commercial and critical success on November 6, 2017. With over 100,000 copies sold, and a “Very Positive” rating on Steam thanks to over 1,500 user reviews, Death Coming promises an experience beloved by PC players and (in the future) mobile fans.

Death Coming will be available on the App Store in March and on Google play in Q2 2018. More information about the release date and price of the app will be available soon.


  • Pixel Art Style
  • Non-linear puzzle progression
  • Environmental manipulation
  • Morbid black comedy
  • Reactive AI
  • Creative kills
  • Play as a reaper and find out why you became an agent of death


Awards and Nominations:

  • IPA Champion : Global Mobile Game Confederation
  • Excellence in Innovation : China Game TGA 2017
  • Best PC Game : GAD 2017
  • Excellence in Game Design Nomination : indiePlay2017
  • Excellence in Innovation Nomination : indiePlay2017

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