Damnation Books has released the supernatural thriller, Dark Waters, by Peter Mark May as an ebook.

Description: Where only hell and high water awaits…

The caves have been explored before.

Now man has entered the legendary tunnels again; to delve deeper than before.

But the storm waters are rising. Their way out is blocked. The only route they have left is to dive deeper into the dark waters of the tunnels s in hope of escape Will they find a way out or they answers to the mysteries of the depths Where a death scream can echo for five miles…

Dark Waters will trap you in an air pocket of asphyxiating terror.

Excerpt: Williams suddenly shivered and rubbed at his cold forearms and he sat in the shadowy cave tunnel between the long cavern and his self-named well. It had been three hours since the creatures had ransacked the forward base camp, yet to the Welshman sitting alone in the near dark it felt more like three days.

He wondered if the others had encountered these creatures yet, and even in his darkest moments wondered if any of them were still alive. The fear that he was trapped alone in the womb of the world sunk even his normally strong spirit to morbid depths.

A splash like a heavy rock falling into the well caused him to jump to his feet now, all thoughts pushed to the back of his mind as survival instincts took over. He switched on his torch and pointed toward the William’s Well end of the rock tunnel, past the lantern, but could see nothing. He quickly flicked his head backwards as the lantern to his right the other way started to flicker. Holding the spear guns tighter, he turned his wrist and pointed it beyond the flickering lantern some feet away.

A yard or some behind the lantern stood a white human like creature, with a round mouth, who instantly raised its livid arm up to protect its sensitive eyes from the strong beam of the torch. Williams quickly put down the spear gun and picked up a diving helmet and threw it with both arms at the advancing creature.

You can order this novella directly from Amazon here: Dark Waters

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