Clint Romag, author of The Sasquatch Encounters, has released Damnation of the Werewolf, the final novel in the horror series Chronicles of a Werewolf.

Description: After his rampage through the Pacific Northwest, Cameron Rossin’s only comfort is the knowledge that he is the last werewolf alive and that the curse is nearly extinguished. Unfortunately, he is wrong. Deep in the rainforests of Costa Rica an ancient werewolf has awakened with the plan to spread the curse once again and create armies of werewolves to ravage the world.

Cameron must travel to Costa Rica to confront this new enemy, but will soon find this adversary has power to turn even the beasts of the land against him. What is even more troubling is how does this werewolf have such immense power since the former Werewolf King and the Werewolf Stone had already been destroyed? Cameron must find the answer if he has any chance of victory, but in finding it, he will bring himself closer to damnation.

“This is it, the final book, the grand finale,” Clint Romag said. “All the loose ends are tied up and this time what is at stake is the world and at a more personal level, Cameron’s soul. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and to have a great evil hidden within made for a fascinating setting for the story.”

Jahrome Youngker created the cover art.

“I think this is Jahrome’s best cover yet. Each detail on the cover refers to something in the story and on each corner is a scene from the book,” Romag said.

You can order directly from Amazon here: Damnation of the Werewolf

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