Wild Wolf Publishing has announced the release of Crimson Letters from Kandahar Province by Ian DG Sandusky. It has been described as a Jacob’s Ladder for the 21st Century.

Description: When Nostalgia Is Better Left Alone…

When a roadside bomb ambush tore Private Quincent L Meyer’s life to pieces in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan; things began to fall apart. Four months after shipping home in a coma, his face and chest are a tangled mess of scars. Job opportunities pass him by. Children cry when faced with him. All alone, the world begins to fade to grey.

When The Insidious Lives Among Us…

Plagued by nightmares, Quince is forced to relive the fatal patrol again and again, powerless to stop the events unraveling before him. Every night when the shrapnel carves through him, he wakes to a life he barely knows anymore.

When Time Is No Longer A Friend…

When a horrific accident leads to a murder at his own hands, Quincent is presented with a choice. Little does he know, the real war has only just begun.

Only one thing will remain: The Letters From A Time Forgotten.

Ian DG Sandusky was raised in Holland Landing, Ontario and currently resides in the Niagara region. Coming from a background as an Unarmed Combat Instructor teaching at the number one institution in North America, he achieved two black belts in Kempo Karate before the age of seventeen. In his days teaching hand-to-hand techniques and defense, he instructed members of law enforcement, Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Ian holds a diploma in Police Foundations from Niagara College, graduating in the class of 2009.

His other published works include Grey Dogs: Zombie Survival (2010) and Waiting Jackals (2011).

Wild Wolf Publishing is a small independent press specializing in dark and edgy full length fiction. Recent commercial successes include Unlikely Killer by Ricki Thomas (30,000 sales and rising), Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre by Rod Glenn (20,000 sales and rising) and the recently released zombie anthology, Holiday of the Dead, featuring Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John Russo.

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