On Thursday Nov 16, AMC Networks’ subscription streaming video service, Shudder, debuts new original series THE CORE, a weekly dissection of genre filmmaking hosted by director and fierce genre fan Mickey Keating (PsychopathsCarnage Park). Alongside filmmakers from the world of horror, Keating examines the onscreen techniques and real-life psychologies that strike fear into our very core. The 10-episode series will premiere Thursday, November 16th, with new episodes releasing every week.

THE CORE is a twisted celebration of the magic of genre filmmaking, and I can honestly say there has never been anything like it,” explains Mickey Keating, host of THE CORE. “There’s no outlet that cares as much about the genre fan as Shudder, and I’m thrilled they’ll be bringing THE CORE to the fan community.”

Produced in partnership with Uproxx, each week features Keating, joined by a special guest from the genre community, including acclaimed DJ and music producer Flying Lotus AKA Steven Ellison (Kuso), esteemed actor, producer and huge self-proclaimed genre fan Elijah Wood (BBC AMERICA’S Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency), Canadian cult favourites The Soska Sisters (American Mary), and acclaimed filmmaker Rodney Ascher (Shudder Original Primal Screen, Room 237).

Audiences will hear from experts, including criminologists, freak show buskers, and special makeup effects artists, who walk through the skill, technique and splatter behind the genre’s most famous practical effects. Whether it’s a discussion about how best to blow up heads, ways to build tension, or how to avoid a predictable jump scare, THE CORE breaks down the walls of a formal interview by allowing the guest to fully illustrate his or her points, occasionally in graphic detail.

“Our members not only love to watch horror films and series, they want to know everything they can about the process of making the stuff they love. Shudder is dedicated to offering fans programming that they won’t get anywhere else. THE CORE is the very definition of a Shudder Original: clever, insightful, and with a unique approach to the genre and its history that fans can truly appreciate,” says Owen Shiflett, Vice President of Development for Shudder.

“In a genre defined by shock and awe, THE CORE manages to push the boundaries even further, with an irreverent take on the standard talk show,” explains Series Creator and Executive Producer Benjamin Blank of Uproxx, producers of THE CORE. “This is a show for horror fans created by horror fans.”

THE CORE joins a packed fall slate for Shudder, which also includes the 3D horror-comedy FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, YouTube star Logan Paul-starring in the teen thriller CAN’T TAKE IT BACK, haunted house documentary SPOOKERS, and SEOUL STATION, the animated prequel to last year’s zombie hit TRAIN TO BUSAN.

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