Zombieburger Productions today went live with the Kickstarter for a new horror comic book AXMANIAC, a back-to-basics Slasher story set in the eighties and bringing back the love for old horror movies.

AXMANIAC is a stand-alone independent comic book created by Ammar Al-Chalabi. A comic artist from the Netherlands. Translating his love for old horror movies, Ammar has written and drawn a love letter to the Slasher genre. Follow a group of teens as they are hunted in the woods by the AXMANIAC.

The comic is already complete and Kickstarter is used to provide funds for printing and shipping of the books. The Kickstarter will run until the 1st of June and features a fun pledge where people can get themselves drawn being killed by the AXMANIAC.

Ammar Al-Chalabi is the artist and co-creator of WART (a cosmic horror comic), has worked with several notable famous Dutch people and has done the interior art for the indie comic TOY-Z.

The Kickstarter runs from May 12, 2018 until June 1, 2018


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