Tor has released the trade paperback of Rhiannon Frater’s As the World Dies: Fighting to Survive, the second book in the trilogy.

Continuing the story that began with First Days, Frater originally wrote what became the As the World Dies books as a serial novel that she posted to her website, and quickly gained a loyal following. In response to the hugely positive reception from her readers, she self-published As the World Dies: The First Days, the first book in a trilogy; books two and three, As the World Dies: Fighting to Survive and As the World Dies: Siege, quickly followed. This trilogy is a riveting tale that follows two women who are struggling to survive in a world turned upside down.

Description: In the fort of Ashley Oaks, Texas, the remaining survivors of the zombie outbreak are growing increasingly restless. Not only are they running out of food and supplies, they’re in constant terror of the shambling undead hordes just outside their makeshift walls. Each survivor has his or her own story to tell. Jenni is haunted by the ghosts of her past and soon begins to seriously fear for her sanity. Katie, still mourning the loss of her beloved wife, Lydia, finds herself entering into a new relationship — and all of the unexpected and dangerous complications that come with it. Travis struggles with his burgeoning role as the new leader of the fort, as well as with the risky decision to expand their living quarters into the neighboring historic — and heavily zombie-infested—hotel.

But clearing the hotel of zombies is only the first of the new problems that the fort’s denizens face, and with each day comes yet another threat to their continued survival.

Frater has revised and expanded her original novels, calling the Tor Books versions “the definitive editions.” New and improved, Fighting To Survive is sure to send chills down the spine of any horror fan, as well as the many people who love zombie novels, movies, and culture!

Check it out: Fighting To Survive

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