James Newman has announced the upcoming release of his new novel, Animosity, available April 1 from Necessary Evil Press.

Description: Andrew Holland is a bestselling horror writer. While none of Andy’s neighbors has any interest in reading his macabre books, they’re pleased to have a celebrity author living among them.

Then, one morning, Andy finds the body of a child several hundred feet from his front door. A little girl who has been raped and murdered.

And everything changes on Poinsettia Lane.

Andy’s neighbors turn on him. Their animosity is subtle at first: a dirty look from across the street, a friendly wave that is not reciprocated. The local media exacerbates the tension in the neighborhood by insinuating connections between the horror writer’s work and his role in the girl’s murder.

The authorities clear Andy of any wrongdoing, but the stain has set.

Before long, this once-quiet, peaceful neighborhood becomes a maelstrom of anxiety and chaos. Andy’s neighbors surround his home like a horde of zombies – but instead of a hunger for flesh, these monsters are driven by lies, fear, and hatred.

Andrew Holland’s survival rests in the truth… but sometimes the truth isn’t what people want to hear.

James Newman’s previously published books include the novels Midnight Rain and The Wicked, a short story collection, People Are Strange, and several novellas, including Holy Rollers and The Forum. The film rights to Animosity were optioned pre-publication, and a screenplay is currently being shopped around Hollywood.

The signed, limited hardcover edition can be ordered directly from the publisher, Necessary Evil Press here: Animosity

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