In case you haven’t yet read any Greg Egan or just want to add to your eBook collection Night Shade Books is giving away the Zendegi eBook for free via B& and to celebrate the release of A Clockwork Rocket.

A Clockwork Rocket Description: As a child Yalda witnesses one of a series of strange meteors, the Hurtlers, that are entering the planetary system at an immense, unprecedented speed. The task of dealing with the Hurtlers will require knowledge and technology far beyond anything her civilisation has yet achieved.

Only one solution seems tenable: if a spacecraft can be sent on a journey at sufficiently high speed, its trip will last many generations for those on board, but it will return after just a few years have passed at home. The travellers will have a chance to discover the science their planet urgently needs, and bring it back in time to avert disaster.

Orthogonal is the story of Yalda and her descendants, trying to survive the perils of their long mission, while the threat of annihilation hangs over the world they left behind. A Clockwork Rocket is book 1 of the Orthogonal Series.

Zendegi Description: In 2012, journalist Martin Seymour travels to Iran to cover the parliamentary elections. With most would-be candidates disqualified this turns out to be the expected non-event, but shortly afterward a compromising image of a government official captured on a mobile phone triggers a political avalanche…

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