Novello Publishers has sent off their 9th release, Jerrod Balzer’s Zombie Bastard, to the printers and expect to have it back within the next two weeks. Zombie Bastard will also be their first ebook edition.



A delayed curse is taking effect, engulfing a Missouri town with the undead. Leading the onslaught is a creature that lacks mercy or compassion, only an intense drive to see the curse through. Its fate was sealed years ago, simply for being born a …


Trevor is dealing with a curse of his own: he has the runs. On a desperate trek to visit is ailing mother, he searches for a decent place to relieve the pressure before moving on. All he wants is to have a movement in peace, but that Zombie Bastard won’t let him.

Cover Artist: Caroline O’Neal

Price: $11.00 trade paperback, $3.95 e-book

Pre-order: Zombie Bastard

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