Untreed Reads Publishing has just published their first full-length horror work, The Kingdom of Fear by Robert De Graauw. It’s available from their website and all the usual culprits (including Amazon).

Description: After encountering the spirit-creature Vilignal, eight-year-old Celia is lured into a world of talking animals and vicious, driverless cars, as she attempts to save the life of a friend she thought she’d lost forever.

Searching for his sister, Celia’s teenage brother David follows her into Vilignal’s realm, encountering frightening manifestations of his innermost fears, and struggling to fight an enemy with the power of a god.

Like Alice in Wonderland re-imagined by Stephen King, The Kingdom of Fear tells a dark-humored tale of horror and heroism, as a battle of wits unfolds across a surreal landscape where literally anything is possible.

Learn more here: Kingdom of Fear

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