Uninvited Books is a new, independent small press with an exciting vision for the future … and some very definite ideas.

All serious fiction deals (to some extent) with dark themes, and many great works of literature have employed supernatural, surreal or existentialist elements. These books have power. They endure, because they appeal to serious readers and provide thoughtful entertainment.

On the current publishing scene, however, dark novels of distinction often find themselves unwelcome … and uninvited. At Uninvited Books, they believe that readers will choose quality, if works of quality are made available.

From their web site: “Uninvited Books is on a mission. Think of us as a flame in the darkness, growing slowly to reveal treasures … as well as nightmares. Our goal is to restore the mantle of visionary artistry, skilled craftsmanship and psychological sophistication to dark literature. Maintaining an unrelenting focus on artistic integrity, we hope to publish books that will transcend genre classifications. Is this a radical approach to publishing? Perhaps. Is it subversive? Even revolutionary? Lovers of dark fiction have been waiting for exactly this revolution.”

While they haven’t announced their line up yet, Uninvited Books has plans to release information about their initial releases in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you’d like to keep up with the new publisher, you’re invited to visit their web site and sign up for their mailing list: Uninvited Books

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