Catch this first novel from Bradd Quinn: We’ve all wonder what exists in those places we can’t see…what’s underneath, in the darkness. We’ve all wanted to look, if even for a moment. Jacob Drake looked … and the darkness looked back.


Description: A gruesome series of murders decimates a small town in one night, leaving a watching nation in terror. Only miles away, another small town lives in its shadow, left to wonder if they could be next. While most try to ignore the possible warning signs, one man cannot. Not when it’s right under his home. It’s now up to him to warn a town of non-believers that they will be next, and that the danger comes from something few have seen, and even fewer have survived. But is it real? That’s a question he must answer himself and do so quickly. Time is running out…

“My inspiration for this book was my own home … and my own dog,” says Quinn. “Every summer, when I let my dog out in the backyard, she instantly becomes obsessed with running around the far end of the deck and sniffing wildly at the ivy-covered lattice work – running back and forth. I know it’s just a small field mouse that has made his home there … but one morning I thought to myself, What if it wasn’t a mouse? What if it was something much more dangerous living under my deck? And what if my house wasn’t the only one? The rest of the story just fell into place with plenty of inspiration from my own family and come cinematic favorites of mine.”

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