All scheduled Twilight Tales shows begin at 7:30 p.m. Their usual time limits still apply at open mic nights. So here’s what’s coming this month …

November 5 – their regular open mic night, bring a story and some friends buy a dollar beer and enjoy the night.

November 12 – Twilight Tales Famous Drums Around the Fire Night. Richard Engling will supply the drum beat to cycles of poems written and performed by you. This is a popular event so come early and enjoy the show.

November 19 – Sam Reaves will read more of his well written and engrossing crime stories set in Chicago and environs. Missing his stories may find you on the wrong side of literary mob hit. Come on out and see who winds up catching the verbal bullets.

November 26 – Moira Sullivan and her group of writers will present stories from their recently published book Further Persons Imperfect. The evening will feature a cycle of readers all offering their best stuff, come one out and meet Moira and her merry band.

Twilight Tales meets at their new location, The Mix Bar at 2843 North Halsted in Chicago.

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