What would you do if you had only 5 minutes to live?

Here’s the story … the terror starts when Jaime (Brandon Fobbs, The Wire) gets a panicked video from his best buddy, Freddie (James Snyder, Broadway’s Crybaby), about an insane chain letter that was e-mailed to him…It is a snuff video that warns the recipient that they have 5 minutes to pass it on or they will die.

As Jamie watches, a figure in black breaks into Freddie’s room. His face is hidden but not the machete-sized knife he carries in his hand. Before Freddie can react, the figure slits his throat. A horrified Jamie watches helplessly as the figure leaves, his dead friend Freddie laying sprawled across his desk.

Before he can move, a new message appears on his screen. It is Amelia (Madeline Zima, Californication), their mutual friend. She’s gotten the same message and seen the same murder. She is just as terrified and confused as Jaime, but it’s nothing compared to what they feel when a time clock appears on their screens. It says they have five minutes to pass it on … the clock already ticking down.

They stare at each other through their webcams, trying to figure out how to save their lives as the seconds rush past.

Also starring Kevin Daniels (Ladder 49, Their Eyes Were Watching God).


Catch the complete pilot episode online here: 5 or Die

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