Jessica Penot has her first book, Haunted North Alabama, from History Press coming out in October and to help gear up, Time Human is currently running an interview with her.

Asked about her favorite horror books, Penot says, “My favorite book is The Haunting of Hillhouse by Shirley Jackson. I’ve read this book several times and the writing is astounding. It is like drowning it is so utterly real. Lovecraft is wonderful. I’ve read everything he’s written and he has profoundly influenced my work. I loved The Exorcist. The book is always better than the movie and there is no exception here. I guess I really love the old classics. I love Frankenstein and Dracula. I love gothic ghost stories like The Tale of Halcyon Crane. One of my favorite new horror books is Breathers about zombies. It is funny and I read anything with zombies.”

You can catch the interview in its entirety here: Jessica Penot

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