Subterranean Press announced three upcoming limited editions this week. First up is The Taint And Other Novellas: Best Mythos Tales, Volume One by Brian Lumley. Here in this volume are found the novellas; the future companion volume contains the short stories. And thus the very best of Brian Lumley’s works in this sub-genre, including such recent tales as The Hymn and The Taint, are collected and presented for the first time in this much more worthy and durable format. The book is scheduled for an October release, and the limited will run $40.00. Find out more here: The Taint

Second, Plots And Misadventures by Stephen Gallagher is also scheduled for an October release, with the limited running $40.00. In this, his second collection of short fiction, award-winning author and screenwriter Stephen Gallagher delivers his unique take on the weird, the wonderful and the downright strange. These are tales in which the world is very much as we know it, but charged with a sense of the wonders that lie in wait just beneath the surface of our everyday reality. Learn more, or pre-order here: Plots And Misadventures

Finally, Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling is slated for a September release, with the limited running $60.00. From his first story “Man-Made Self” in 1976 to his latest “Kiosk” in 2007, Sterling has written science fiction that is fast-moving, sharply extrapolated, technologically literate, and as brilliant and coherent as a laser, as he himself once said of William Gibson. His “Shaper/Mechanist” stories were an essential part of the cyberpunk movement of the ’80s, just as his “Leggy Starlitz” and “Chattanooga” stories wrangled the near future of the ’90s better than anyone else. Check it out here: Ascendencies

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