Borderlands Press has announced Serpentine by Thomas F. Monteleone will be shipping October 21st. Although contemporary horror, the novel has historical and mythological overtones which deepen the narrative. Available directly from Borderlands in trade paperback for $16.95 ($4.50 S&H). You can order here: Serpentine

Description: Sophia Rousseau is a strange and seductive woman. Her effect on everyone she meets, regardless of age or sex, is hypnotic and all powerful. When she rises up from her past in Europe, Sophia embarks on a new mission of conquest – in America. Arriving in Manhattan, she quickly enjoys the ravishing success she has enjoyed throughout the history of civilization.

But she is more than just a powerful woman.

She is unspeakably old, forged of an ancient time, when the power of myth gave shape and substance to our fears. She lives in endless search of the truest life essence – the energy of creation – and wherever she finds it, she draws it off without mercy.

Although long-feared by all, from the lofty Greeks to the wretched souls of the Middle Ages, she and her kind have been forgotten in the new millennium. She moves through the world with impunity, fearing no one.

All except one, equally odd man …

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