It had to happen. In fact, the idea probably occurred to hundreds if not thousands of people since the birth of Twitter. But now people are actually acting on it … writing fiction Twitter-style. You’ll find everything from poems and short stories to novels appearing on Twitter now. They cover all the genres. And they’re all delivered in chunks of 140 characters or less, which apparently is as long as our attention spans run these days.

Following the trend, Twitter magazines are now popping up as well. And they’ll even pay for your Twitter Fiction. With this in mind, we thought we’d list a few of the markets for those aspiring Twitter writers out there. After all, who are we to stand in the way of progress?

Thaumatrope – @Thaumatrope

Thaumatrope is a microfiction webzine for science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction under 140 characters, available on your mobile phone via Twitter. If you can write a science fiction, fantasy, or horror story that fits in a Twitter box, they want to take a look at it. Pays $1.20.

Tweet the Meat – @TweetTheMeat

Tweet the Meat is a Twitter-only, horror/weird/speculative market that opened in May, 2009. No serials. No unfinished stories. You must scare them in 140 characters or less. Horror/weird/speculative fiction, plus weekly themes. Pays $1.

Nanoism – @Nanoism

Nanoism is a twitterzine, an online publication focused on nanofiction, which in this case refers to stories that clock in at a maximum of 140 characters (conforming to the inherent limitations of the Twitter service). @Nanoism accepts all genres. However, they are most interested in literary fiction — stories that move them with their writing, stories that stay with them longer than the few seconds it takes to read them. While they do have a soft spot for science fiction, fantasy, and other genres, they are looking for stories with staying power: stories that leave an impression disproportionate to their length. Payment: $1.50 for unpublished pieces and $1 for material that’s already available online. $5 for serials.


Not sure how reliable this one is since the first issue isn’t scheduled until April. But if you want to give it a shot, they accept science fiction, fantasy, and horror. And they pay $1.

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