The Science of Stephen King by Lois H. Gresh and Robert Weinberg is due for release at the end of this month from Wiley Press. This is the first book to examine the science that wreaks havoc in many of Stephen King’s greatest works! It offers a fun, penetrating probe into psi powers, quantum chemistry, longevity and genetic research, biological warfare, and more. A must for his tens of millions of fans.

The Science of Stephen King appeals to both the scientist and the long-time reader of Stephen King in me. Weinberg and Gresh use concepts from King’s fiction as launching pads for in-depth explorations of concepts as diverse as ESP, pyrokinesis, time travel, artificial intelligence, quantum chemistry, alternate realities, string theory, and the possibility that we’ll bevisited by aliens or that we’ll face a global pandemic. Their broad knowledge of the history of science fiction also allows them to trace each of these concepts to their fictional origins in seminal stories and novels from the days of the pulps…and beyond. In a style reminiscent of science populists like Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov, they present challenging concepts—such as the possibility that the world we live in consists of nearly a dozen dimensions instead of just three – in clear, easy-to-grasp language. They don’t stretch beyond the limits of credibility — if something is scientifically unlikely or patently impossible, they show why rather than hand-wave an explanation. If you’ve ever read Stephen King’s works and asked yourself what’s real and what could be real, you might be surprised by the answers Weinberg and Gresh provide. As they so cleverly explain, much of what Stephen King writes about in his novels is closer to reality than you might think.” — Bev Vincent, Ph.D., author of The Road to the Dark Tower

You can pre-order through Science of Stephen King

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