Fans can catch The Red Riding Trilogy at the Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028) March 18th through the 21st. The trilogy covers the story of the Yorkshire Ripper as told by three different directors including James Marsh. Here’s the breakdown …

Red Riding: 1974, 2009, IFC Films, 105 min. Dir. Julian Jarrold. Inspired by the novels of David Peace, part one of the trilogy centers on Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield), a rookie journalist who returns to his Yorkshire home town, where ten-year-old Clare Kemplay (a figurative Red Riding Hood, seen in a red hoodie) has just been abducted. Seeing a possible link to two other local missing children, Eddie throws himself into a spiriling investigation of child abductions and murders that leads him to suspect that there’s a terrifying connection between the perpetrators and the upper echelons of Yorkshire power. With David Morrissey and Rebecca Hall.

Red Riding: 1980, 2009, IFC Films, 96 min. Director James Marsh (Man On Wire) continues the narrative for part two of the trilogy. With the police and public still baffled that the “Ripper” remains at large and may have inspired a copycat killer, veteran police officer Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine) is called in from Manchester to take over the investigation. While struggling with scandal and tragedy in his personal life, his new theories about the case only incite growing opposition to his involvement.

Red Riding: 1983, 2009, IFC Films, 104 min. Director Anand Tucker. When yet another young girl is kidnapped, Detective Maurice Jobson (David Morrissey) notices a number of powerful similarities to the abduction cases he had investigated back in the ’70s for which a man was convicted and sentenced. Meanwhile, a reluctant local solicitor, John Piggott (Mark Addy), decides to take up the condemned man’s cause.

You can catch showtimes and prices online at: American Cinematheque

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