Tim Lebbon has announced that this September, Humdrumming will be publishing his new novella The Reach of Children in two stunning editions. This is LLebbon’s first piece of ‘classic horror’ in quite some time. Description: Daniel is ten years old when his mother dies. She dies young, and with so much left to give. He does not understand. He cannot let her go. After the funeral, his father begins talking to a large wooden box that suddenly appears beneath his bed. And when Daniel whispers to the box one day when his father goes out … it answers back. It’s a voice he does not know. But this voice knows so much.

Lebbon says, “The Reach of Children is a story of childhood, bereavement and hope, and explores just how far some people – living, or dead – will go to protect the ones they love.”

To learn more and/or pre-order through the Horror Mall: The Reach of Children

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