Inspired by true events, The Peruke Maker by Ruby Dominguez was published by Outskirts Press last March. It’s a well researched story about the spiritual and emotional journeys of Bridget Cane, a stunning 17th century red haired beauty, and Sarah, a thoroughly 21st century woman. Their paths become inextricably bound across time and space as Thomas Cane’s vengeful curse continues to threaten the virtuous during this relentless quest for an avenger of innocent blood.

Like the book’s 21st century time traveler, Sarah, readers are introduced to this earlier, frightening world by the startling image of Bridget Cane, scantily clad, frozen in fear, her own imminent death portended by the Banshee’s bloodcurdling cries. All of this set against the background of a witch hunt that has reached a feverish pitch in a society where the fear of sorcery and the devil is as real as God.

Will love and forgiveness triumph beyond the grave and a chance at love and life is bestowed upon the worthy, at the stroke of midnight of the Autumnal Equinox?

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