The Lost Skeleton Returns Again
Director: Larry Blamire

Cast: H.M. Wynant, Frank Dietz, Christine Romero
Review by Brian M. Sammons

A few years back Larry Blamire made his bones (heh) with a low budget, independent movie called the lost skeleton of cadavra. It was a loving send up of the sci-fi flicks of the 1950s and it became an instant cult classic. Larry and company (as he uses many of the same actors and crew again and again) next took on he Old Dark House genre with Dark And Stormy Night. Now comes the much anticipated sequel to the movie that put Mr. Blamire on the map, does it continue to bring the funny? Are there enough new tricks in the old sci-fi flicks from the 50s to warrant a new movie? Well let’s find out.

This mostly black and white movie tells the story of a new element being discovered in the Amazon with amazing properties that everyone wants, including the government, scientists, aliens, and even the telepathic, mind-controlling skull of Cadavra, the only thing remaining of the skeleton of Cadavra. A group of intrepid explorers comprised of some of the characters from the first film, or their twin brothers, and some new faces like a government agent, a swindling crook, a scientist (who’s a woman!) and a tough as nails jungle guide. All these people must brave the dreaded Valley of the Monsters and tread carefully as to not anger the tribe of the cantaloupe people. Will the heroes find the rocks they’re looking for, avoid the totally authentic looking monsters, and stop the skull of Cadavra from once more becoming the dreaded skeleton of Cadavra? Well you’ll just have to watch this movie to find out. But luckily for you that along the way you’ll have lots of laughs and be able to enjoy actors hamming it up and trying really hard to act really poorly.

This DVD matches the previous Blamire DVD that Shout! Factory put out (Dark And Stormy) nearly point for point with extras. There’s a cast and crew commentary, a behind the scenes featurette, and gag reel. Yeah that’s not a ton of extras, but for a little movie that could, it’s plenty. Hell, I know lots of “big Hollywood” movies that come out to DVD with less extras than that, so I guess a movie like this does alright.

If you enjoyed the original Cadavra movie then you can do your happy dance because this movie offers the same loving satire of your favorite sci-fi and jungle adventure films from yesteryear. If you never saw the first movie, relax do don’t need to have seen it to enjoy this one, so you have no excuse not to get this movie. Unless, of course, you hate fun. You don’t hate fun … do you? I didn’t think so, so do yourself a favor and pick up this weird, funny little film today.

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