Sense of Wonder Press has released The Lobby by Christopher Durish. Description: Zachary Bell is a rising young star in the world of advertising and his trendy, often controversial commercials are a direct refl ection of his personal affairs. A married father of two daughters, Zach is anything but a family man. A blossoming career and a sordid lifestyle of infi delity and Hollywood-style parties are a common substitute for school plays and family picnics. One stormy September night, while driving home from a party with his co-worker and mistress Judith Sample, Zach falls asleep at the wheel. When he awakens a few seconds later, his car is careening out of control toward a steep embankment. As the car plunges over the hillside, it plunges Zach’s life into a realm of unspeakable terror. While in a comatose state, the result of trauma suffered during the accident, Zach experiences an evil only Hell itself could unleash. When he emerges from that coma, he soon comes to realize that the evil wasn’t merely a dream and that the life he had clung to no longer belongs to him.

The trade paperback runs 204 pages and is priced at $13.95. You can check it out here: The Lobby

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